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I'm not really in the habit of selling things of my own, and, while deeply envious of those talented folks who do manage to market their own wares, I still remain a little leery of getting bogged down in mailing tubes, payments and postage stamps.
However, the "STUFF" section is designed to point you towards the nearest retailer who will have what you are looking for.

BOOKS, CALENDARS AND THE LIKE will direct you to books, calendars, posters both in and out of print. Naturally, things will move from On the Shelves to Second Hand as they go out of print or out of date, but I'll try to update regularly. Limited Prints will take you to a category exclusively dedicated to signed and numbered prints.
The DIRECT FROM AMAZON section is just what it says, in collaboration with Amazon Associates. (Buy through the link, I get a small commission.)


The principal reason I love work in the movie industry or for games companies is that there are always so many t-shirts to be had. (I should get a t-shirt clause written into my contracts.)

But now, I've managed to cut out the middle man, and make my OWN heraldry available.

As you likely know, hosting a web site costs money, and rather than encumber the site itself with advertising and announcements, to place ourselves at the mercy of the dreaded pop-up window (shudder), my webmaster and I have decided that there is a better way to make this happen.

You can order directly from either the US & Canada or from Europe, (unless of course you simply love foreign stamps and extra shipping charges).

Spreadshirt Random Product

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Random product, Europe

T-shirts. Sweatshirts. Bags. Baseball caps. Stuff to wear.
It's all happening on:

And, last but not least, the Wear It and Share It section for anyone who wants to share their photos.


The Speadshirt system is quite simple, for me and for you. We have tested the products, they are hard-wearing, the logo doesn't flake off in the first (or subsequent) washes (follow the washing instructions!) and the quality is top of the line.

The articles are made to order. Spreadshirt's site is legible and easy to navigate. They are  prompt in filling orders, and easy to deal with. Payment by credit card is secure.
Please do remember that and Spreadshirt are two totally separate sites, so ALL questions concerning your order MUST be addressed to them.
On the other hand, any suggestions and input for actual designs themselves can be sent to me. We do plan to do more designs, embroidered sweatshirts, limited editions and other things.

Why Spreadshirt?
It seemed to us to be the best solution to do something fun, and not risk getting buried in an avalanche of packages or a landslide of invoices and receipts.

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