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Dragon's Curse

Dragon's Curse

Dragon's Curse

This painting was a series of disappointments.
Initially, I did a sketch of Turin Turambar in a three-quarters back view, who had fall to his knees with his sword sticking up between his shoulder blades, which I thought was all very romantic. His hands had fallen open on his knees, and his hair hung down from his bowed head.
ICE turned that one down, and asked for the moment before he impales himself.
So, new sketch.
Three-quarter front view this time, but with the whole body suspended just on the tip of the blade, poised drop himself onto it, once again with his head hanging down, hair obscuring the face.
ICE iced that one too, and requested a heroic stance and grim rictus. I should have refused the job right there. Teach me for being conciliatory...After all that I didn't even do a decent dragon. Even the sword is bad ; look at that pommel. Awful.
In the end, I'm happy I managed to dig up the sketches. They are far better than the final painting.

Dragon's Curse
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