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Legolas & Gimli at Helm's Deep

Legolas & Gimli at Helm's Deep

Legolas & Gimli at Helm's Deep

This image started out as a little doodle of yet-another-Elven-helmet, but rapidly turned into a full-blown portrait of Legolas and Gimli atop the Deeping Wall.
I had imagined Legolas with an incredibly slim-fitting full armour, which he would wear all or pieces of, depending on circumstance (and yes, I know you can't draw a bow with those ridiculous antennae on a helmet - they're for decoration, and fully removeable).
I also toyed with the idea of making Elven armour rather more grim, as if it already contained the funereal aspect of risking eternal life for a land you will be leaving one day.
On the other hand, what I DO want to know is how all those unfortunate Elves, who were armoured from head to toe, died to a man (well, to an Elf...), whereas Legolas, with his wee leather shoulder guards, survived unscathed...

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