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A Diversity of Dragons

A Diversity of Dragons

A Diversity of Dragons
Anne McCaffrey & Richard Woods
October 1,1997
ISBN: 006105531X
Hardcover: 96 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 0.58 x 14.50 x 11.31

I quite enjoyed doing this book, one of the best parts being to actually go and meet Anne McCaffrey in Ireland. The illustrations were good fun to do, of course, though very hard to actually fit in the book.
To my regret, I was unable to work larger than the print size, as there was (so I was told) a problem scanning larger pieces. Nonetheless, I cranked out dozens and dozens of illustrations and the book was published.
Alas, it's one of those rotten situations where I never got a penny for it. (Well, not quite true, I did get a bit of advance money on royalties, and I was promised a contract) Unfortunately Bellew Publishing, who edited the book (it was actually published by a handful of other editors: Casterman for the French edition, Harper for another, Simon and Shuster I think for the UK) managed to go bankrupt and disappear from the face of he earth (and Clapham South) before I actually saw any royalties or the balance of my advance. Naturally, I have recuperated the rights, but at the time, I would have preferred a bit of cash... I wonder if Anne got any.
Never a boring moment in an illustrator's life, that's for certain.
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