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Illustrated books and children's books
Monographies, Catalogues and Collections (8)
Books and collections of imagery
Beowulf (19)
Templar Publishing, London, 2007
A Diversity of Dragons (35)
Scales, wings, claws and fire - images from the book by Anne MacCaffrey
Wizardology (7)
In the same series as Dragonology and Egyptology.
The Abandoned City (13)
Original title: LA VILLE ABANDONNEE by Claude Clement. November 2004
The Man Who Lit the Stars (8)
Original title: L'HOMME QUI ALLUMAIT LES ETOILES by Claude Clement, Editions Duculot, Brussels, 1990
The Musician From the Darkness (4)
Original title: LE MUSICIEN DE L'OMBRE by Claude Clement, Editions Duculot, Brussels, 1987
Cathedral (13)
Original title: CATHÉDRALE - Editions Bueb & Reumaux, Strasbourg, 1987.
Second edition: Editions La Nuée Bleue, Strasbourg, 1994

A Clash of Kings (13)
Meditations on Middle-Earth (7)
The Knight With the Lion (7)
Little, Brown & Company, Boston
Rana la Menthe (3)
Original title: RANA-LA-MENTHE by Jean-Loup Trassard, Editions Ipomée, Moulins, 1984
Rip Van Winkle (2)
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 1987
The Fisherman and his Wife (4)
Original title: LE PECHEUR ET SA FEMME by the Brothers Grimm, Editions Grasset/Monsieur Chat, Lausanne, 1983.
Republished 2002

The Hobbit 3-Dimensional Book (8)
HarperCollins Children's Books, 1999
Jack and the Beanstalk (5)
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 1988
Boric the Lynx (1)
Original title: BORIC LE LYNX by L. P. Lutten - Editions Bueb & Reumaux, Strasbourg, 1984
The Story of a Man / The Life of Nicolas de Flue (3)
Original title: L'HISTOIRE D'UN HOMME by C. Anet et C. Martingay, Editions de la Joie de Lire, Geneva, 1992.
Vespucci (3)
Original title: VESPUCCI by G. Jaeger, Editions de la Joie de Lire, Geneva, 1990
The Mystery of Greenwood (3)
Original title: Le Mystère de Greenwood by M.Ferdjoukh, Bayard Presse, Paris, 1991
Knights (2)
Tango Books, 1995
The Quest for Fire (3)
Original title: LA GUERRE DU FEU
by J. H. Rosny Ainé -
Editions Gallimard, Paris

Petit Croque et le Loup (1)

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