John Howe


A very short newsletter in lieu of a real one, to wish everyone a satisfying end to 2016 and the very best for 2017. I hope projects will come to fruition, and will be quickly forgotten in the prospect of new and even more exciting ones, that family and loved ones will prosper and continue to enrich all our lives, that we can find the time to look around us, and see the beauty of things even when life gets momentarily in the way.

Take care all, and see you in 2017!

PS This said, I have a generous selection of newsletters in various states of completion, abandonment, stasis and metamorphosis. Time willing, I will do my best to resume publishing them on a monthly basis. No, that’s not really a New Year’s resolution, but as firm a resolve as I can muster in the face of what promises to be a varied and busy year.